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Judiciary Orientation Programme on Wildlife Crime
The Junglees in its mission to consolidate judiciary against wildlife crime have organised an workshop with the judges at the Bankshal Court at Calcutta on December 12,2014. Titled as the "Judiciary Orientation Programme on Wildlife Crime", the workshop was conducted by Mr. Pradip Chatterjee,Public Prosecutor of Govt. of West Bengal for the State Forest Department and was attended by 17 Judges of the Court. With an overview of 'Wildlife Protection Acts'with its subsequent amendments vis-a-vis recent case histories, the workshop aimed to create awareness and sensitize the judiciary i.e. the judges and lawyers about how to better deal with cases related to crimes committed against wildlife.The State Forest Department was represented by Dr.S Kulandaivel, DCF(wl), Ms. Niranjita Mitra, Conservator(WL) and Mr. Subrata Pal Choudhury, Technical Assistant, Dept. of Wildlife, Govt of WB. Mr. Pal Chowdhury shared his experience and tips about how to identify real animal parts from fake ones. He also expressed his concerns about the acute shortage of field staff deployed for wildlife protection (1 guard for 10000 sq.km forest area !!). The public prosecutor also shared his views on handling wildlife related cases and how the sections of the Wildlife Protection Act need to be interpreted.While Mr. Viswaroop Sett, Chief Metropolitan Magistrate hailed THE JUNGLEES for the workshop in his opening speech, Mr.Raja Chatterjee,Secretary of The Junglees appraised the house about the importance of such workshop and plans to organise similar ones around Bengal incluing at the High Court of Calcutta in near future. Members Mr. Mafizul Haque and Mr. Santanu Chakraborty facilated the event with distribution of copies of Wildlife Protection Act, Leaflets among the judges and capturing images.

An Appeal
October, 1998

We, the BLACKBUCKS & CHINKARAS on behalf of Wildlife in India send this S.O.S. to you. As you are aware of, some members from our two families have been brutally killed in the forests of Jodhpur (Rajasthan) early this month. Following the media reports, Police actions and Judicial proceedings, it appears that, Messer's Salman Khan, Saif Ali Khan and Satish Shah and their accomplices Ms. Sonali Bendre, Ms Neelam and Ms. Taboo were engaged in this heinous act while on a shooting spree.

Sir, it casts the crudest picture in our and in the Indian public mind about the partners in crime, whoever they really may be. For they know, we can't fight a fire arm!

We hereby, strongly demand stringent action and exemplary punishment against all such offenders, at the earliest : Or else, our laws of the land and Constitution, which enjoys faith and mandate of 900 million people will soon become a mockery, that can't even protect an endangered community of 9000 members.

Presently, THE JUNGLEES (a wildlife N.G.O.), in association with the school students of Calcutta are taking up our cause too, seeking Justice and protection for us, from the right quarters. Please sign up in solidarity.
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